I am His Princess that is Called to Serve

A wretched sinner…

by the grace of Jesus Christ alone.
Crucified with her Lord.
Wooed by her Beloved.
Learning to die daily.
No longer self,
but Holy Spirit within.
Wanting to simply know Him more.
Loving to smile with His joy
Love with His love…
Ache with His ache…
Learning His heart.
Seeking after Proverbs 31: 10-31 ( Epilogue: The Wife of Noble Character)
and Titus 2 (Doing Good for the Sake of the Gospel)
Longing to be courageous, virtuous,
gentle…and wholly surrendered.
Yearning to simply be…
an empty vessel for His glory.

I love it when He calls me to go on a mission trips… I am here for Him .. to be used by Him .. to preach and to show His love up to the ends of the earth! Every time He calls me to ‘ GO & MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS!’ I feel so blessed and truly more humbled! It is God’s heartbeat .. MISSIONS 🙂

I do believe that we are all in a mission field … in different platforms  — Yes we are all missionaries in our own and unique way! God calls us to be a mirror of  His goodness & love to everyone 🙂

Being a missionary today seems almost to have taken on a new focus, or a ‘re-focussing’

This  means taking the risks and speaking out when l notice that one person who seems never to receive the respect and dignity that is theirs.  It means that always I need to speak the truth and ensure that all are treated fairly and justly, that we are all created in the image of God, no matter what each of our jobs are. As a missionary I am called to give voice to any injustice and to speak out – to persevere until there is change – even if it does become “career limiting”.  To try to stay awake with Jesus in the garden for that one long hour.
This mean living in the freedom to step out of my old comfort zone and “share” how God transforms my life.  Open myself up and truly give you the gift of who I am – so that together we walk with each other on our journey of faith and life.

Perhaps being a missionary today means simply to make myself available to you and supporting you in your life.  I may teach you how to use a computer; feed you when you come to the door of the supper table for dinner; support you as you work each day.  I will take the time to thank you and let you know that I cannot do it alone and when today you feel you have no voice, I will take the time to listen.  If you feel all alone on your journey, I will walk with you.

Perhaps being a missionary today means to keep loving all those I come in contact with.  Loving in the many ways and forms – giving of the talents and gifts that God has given me – letting that awesome love God has bestowed onto me to simply overflow and fill you..One part of being missionary today is to hang in there when no one else appears to want to walk with us. It is faithfulness through the long, hot summer of exodus. It is walking in radical trust and confidence that God will birth new life from these dry, dry ashes 🙂 


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