Desert Lands

Desert Lands

” I will make a way in the wilderness & rivers in the desert. ”  – Isaiah 43:19


The month of June 2017, will finally close today, how’s y our first half of the year so far? Is it fun? challenging? a lot of transitions? learning and or growing? No matter where you are in, let’s all be thankful that we are still here, alive and reading this blog of mine 🙂

Desert lands, we have a lot here. It is a normal sight to see. It is beautiful and amazing. How majestic is the Lord to be the ultimate Master maker of these tiny kind of lands on this earth. In life, you and I  may experience that “desert feels” in our lives, those are the challenges, that sometimes let us all experience to be on the very rock bottom.

When you hit the very rock bottom, choose to look up and draw your hope from the positive things that has happened in your life.  Those are also the moments that the Lord can show His ways that is higher than our ways. It is the best and priceless encounter that can really make you say ” thank you” because you have brought us in this season.


This is for now fellas, I do hope that you will look forward for a more hopeful and beautiful days ahead of you! Blessings ❤



Mrs. Piza





A Start of Something New!

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing great. My husband, Melvin & I moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is a new chapter in our marriage and life. ❤

internet city

An afternoon in Dubai, Internet City

Every bold transitions in life brings about newness and well… excitement at the same time. But sometimes, fear knocks in and tries to kill the joy in every change. I guess, all of us, have felt that kind of feeling,  right?  whether it’s in a change in career, status in life, status of your bank accounts, or yes, maybe you’re like us, you’re living in a different country.

Just like what the Bible says in every change of season in your life, learn to hear this and take hold of this “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. ” Isaiah 43:18-19 

When you come, face to face, with this changes, it is best to first breath in and breath out and be thankful for the process that you’ve gone through, and then embrace the big change. It maybe hard at first because you are not living the way you used to live, a lot of adjustments — when you ask us, it is never easy. We have had a lot of choices or options, that can make our life a bit easier but still, we chose to take on the road, that we have not yet walk onto. It gave us a surreal feeling when we arrived here. Very priceless, a God-moment, we already knew a new chapter of our lives is about to unfold. Scary it may seem, but as the verse above says, God will do a new thing whether you are in the wilderness, in the river or in the desert. To walk on waters or in our case, to walk in the desert, is really taking so much sweat, it is exhausting or it might cause us a heat 🙂  but not everyone get the chance to walk the same road that each of us is taking right now. It takes FAITH to walk your own road. 🙂

Until next time fellas! thanks for reading my blog site. May the good Lord protect and bless you all always ❤



When Crossroads, Meets Decisions

When Crossroads, Meets Decisions

March it is! Yey! 🙂 Before you start plotting for your summer getaways, especially when you are here, residing in the Philippines,let’s stop and ponder on how the past two months has been for you? Is it full of laughter? or tears? Victories or defeats? No matter what it has been, I pray that you will still have a joy to face this new month.

“Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. – Joel 2:14 ESV

I am sure, all of us will face a lot of crossroads and decisions. It’s a spice of life that is inevitable. This is where each of us grow as an individual. Crossroads that may sometimes leave us with so many questions. Or crossroads that can lead or give as a pathway to our long or short term dreams. In every crossroad, there is a decision for us to decide on. Decisions that is as major as, getting married to the man/woman you love, or it may be the simplest decision that you encounter everyday like, should I take a walk or should I take a cab? Let’s not be weary or stressed out when facing all of these things, God has given us the ability to decide wisely, ask or seek wisdom from people that you know, that can help you decide and make you see things in a different perspective.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. ~ Proverbs 3:5-6

What if my decision is suddenly ,,changed by my boss? or by my friend? or by my spouse? What should be my initial reaction or response? We’ll, the truth of the matter is, people will always have something to say’ it’s a fact of life… — but always keep in mind and in your heart that no matter what, a decision is a God given chance for you to assess and really do something about it.

Embrace every crossroads & decisions in life. God is with you all the way! Have that desire to grow, learn, challenge, explore, and allow God’s work in your life through you, for you and to you in every crossroads and decisions 🙂

Until Next time fellas! 🙂











Giving Joyfully

Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone who is celebrating the Chinese new year! 🙂 I hope you are having a great time. How’s your January so far? The first month of 2017 is about to end in a few days, so let’s continue to be excited for what God has in store for the next months.

Deuteronomy 15:10

“Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.”

Just want to share this verse to you. It is about giving generously. I am not only,  talking about, money but also time or even your acts of service, — I know sometimes it is hard to give especially when our wallet is on a “critical level”, or your time is so hectic but you chose to share your time still to people. Let’s all be reminded that giving is an act of obedience  to God, and giving back to God as well. God sees your heart and it is always a good way to check our hearts for our ability to give joyfully in whatever season we are in. And yes, you give, even without expecting anything in return, from the person that you blessed with.

Giving also elevates your faith in God because you are one way or another increasing your dependability on Him. I do hope that all of us will always be reminded of having that kind of character. Let’s all give generously, not only in material things but also let’s give LOVE, FAITH & HOPE generously to all the people that we are having a chance to meet or talk to. You may never know, what impact you can make to that person. By the way, if you are all thinking of what you can give to your loved ones this Valentines day, you might want to check out our  Valentines promo of our Ferrero Bouquets 🙂  See this link for the promo mechanics

Anyway, let’s spread generosity and love all year round fellas! 🙂

Until my next blog my dearest! Praying for a great weekend for everyone!


Love Mrs. Piza



“Moving On, Moving Forward”

Happy new year to everyone! It is already year 2017! Yahooo! 🙂 Praise God that we are all still here breathing, and yes, you …. you are so BLESSED because you are LOVED by GOD! 🙂

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
23 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness. – Lamentations 3:22 -23 (NIV)

The Lord’s great love and compassion never fail each day and as we all face this new year, I pray that whatever hopes, dreams, goals or plans that you have this year, it will all come to pass, all in God’s will.

Moving on… Moving forward. I guess, we have all that hang-over feelings over all the get-together, Christmas parties, weddings, events or just simply having your dream vacation, for the past holiday season… it’s okay to reminisce and look back on those happy & positive memories that you have collected the past days, — it’s part of the cycle — but NOW is your TIME to MOVE ON & MOVE FORWARD in achieving your dreams and make it to a reality. NOW is the start of your FUTURE and whatever you do today will definitely bear either a good fruit or a bad fruit. So make the most out of what you can do today to make you a better person, a  great lover of His word, and of course, a doer also of His plans for your life. You may have a long list right now of your faith goals or the things you want to accomplish this year, but keep in mind that, it is the WHOLE PROCESS in attaining your goal, all of it matters. It will definitely make you grow and realize a lot of things in this world.

MOVE ON.. don’t stay in your past. Just like what the Bible says … “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! – 2 Corinthians 5:17″

So as you face this new year, bring along with you the hope that God gives you each day. Focus more on Him and not to the mountains that you are facing now.

MOVE FORWARD..enjoy each pacing that God has put you NOW. You may ask me, “how will I enjoy if my situation right now is really full of uncertainty?” .. we’ll LOOK unto GOD, He is the ONLY SECURITY that you will have on this earth. It can never be found to some material things, or the change of your status from single, to in a relationship,  to married, or  maybe “it’s complicated, or even having all the riches of this world — MOVE forward and take hold of His word in all seasons for this year. You can never go wrong when you are at His side.

As we all choose to MOVE ON & MOVE FORWARD this 2017, I pray that you will all be encourage to pursue Him even more this year! Don’t let the excitement die down because the Christmas feels is already done, let’s all choose to have that joy that comes from the Lord so that we can see & experience His purpose for our lives this year!

Happy new year again my dear readers! Enjoy your family time and I’ll see you again on my next blog! Stay tune 🙂

with much love,

Mrs, Piza 🙂

Submissive Obedience

Hello everyone! Before anything else, I just want to greet you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 🙂

I know… I know … I have not been updating  my blog site for the past four months ( or so .. I apologize .. and for this, I want to make it up to you all lol 🙂 Here is my latest blog… ka -ching 😀  ) but now I am here! I do hope that you are having a great time during this holiday season!

What I want to share for you as I end my blogging for this year is about — Submissive Obedience — big word! 🙂 You see, it takes practice to submit and obey all at the same time… and nobody says that it will be as easy as eating your favorite chocolates and then whoala… you are happy!  🙂  Submission just like what the Bible says

 Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. – Ephesians 5:21 ESV — it is a commandment of God so therefore, our hearts must be willing to obey Him.

In marriage for example, my husband and I have a lot of ups and downs – we do have some misunderstandings, and sometimes it’s hard for me to submit but then again, God has always reminded me that my husbands is not my opponent, but instead, he is my team mate — and as a team, we should work as one, body, mind and soul. It is easier said than done I know, especially if you’re husband has a high belief attitude lols. but thank God for the grace of God that I can see the beauty of submission. In terms if obedience, I admit that I am hard headed and I must always be reminded that it is more  brave to listen up and don’t talk too much about the problems, instead find solution to it. God is still working on me and on us — as a married couple, we are not perfect — in fact we don’t even come close near to perfect — but we praise God for the learning, correction, revelation, joy, grace, love, hope and faith that He has given us for this year!

Obedience is just like what the Bible says:

 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground! – Psalm 143:10 ESV 

I pray this for all of us that we may have a heart to follow His leading always. As we end this year 2016, let’s move forward to a new year which is 2017, and have a heart of obedience to God.  You may have a lot of failures, heartaches, breakthroughs, or even answered prayers this year, and sometimes you might caught yourself asking … ” have I obeyed you God? In  the way that You desire me to obey you? Or I have chose my own path? Your obedience to Him is not measured by all the YES” and AMEN” or the BIG BREAKTHROUGHS that came your way but it’s the overall seasons that you have experienced. It’s the fruit of the Holy Spirit that  was given to you, that enables you to experience the unspeakable joy in your heart!

Anyway, have a happy 2017 my dear readers! Thank you for taking time to read my blogs and hoping that I am able to share a encouragement, reminder, smile or happiness in your heart as I allow you to have a sneak peak in my life through this. May God shine above anything and anyone in our lives.

See you next year!


Love, Mrs. Piza 🙂










In 24 Hours… Make Your Life Count



Hello my dear readers! How are you all? I’ve missed pressing on this 🙂  It’s been awhile since I posted on my site. I feel like I just have a lot of memories the past months. Finally, I am here again, hopefully I can bring a little light to this world through this.


As we enter the September month and yes, it’s the start of the long Christmas celebration here in the Philippines… have you ever wonder, what have you been up to for the past months and in the coming months? … May I ask you this, how do you spend each 24 hours that God has given you each day?  I guess all of us are so busy with a lot of stuffs, — juggling your time between family, friends, too much preoccupied with our personal desires/ dreams and even work — these things usually get so much of our time in this earth. And some people also, sad to say, spend their time just feeding themselves with too much anger, hate, unforgiveness and just the very same old story of not really moving on because they cannot accept the fact that they have grown in all aspects and literally they’ve grew old 🙂 The times when we are too old to remember the things that makes  us laugh even in the simplest reason,  or really be grateful everyday because God has given you another chance to wake up today 🙂 So my question is… how do you spend your 24 hours and make it count huh? 🙂  I pray that each day, each of us will remember that, life is not a bed of roses always, but it is always our choice to make each day a very good day even if we are in the middle of chaos or stress. I know that it is easier said than done, but I pray that as you read this, you will be reminded that, 24 hours seems like too short for many but there’s another side of the coin, that — that 24 hours is the most precious time that they have prayed for or desire for.

” You do not even know what will happen tomorrow! What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14

Make your life count because we only have one life to live 🙂


Until my next 🙂 God bless you everyone!


Love lots