Where is My Green Pasture?

Hi to all my dear readers, from different parts of the globe! I do hope that you are all   in great shape while you are reading this. How’s everything? Is the winter season excites you because it just only means that, Christmas is here or for Filipinos like me, one signature of Christmas in our country is, the appearance of Putobungbong! 🙂 It’s a purple-colored dessert made of rice cooked in bamboo tubes. If you ask me, we’ll this year’s Christmas celebration will be much different from the usual Christmas celebration that we use to have, back in the Philippines, but it’s all good! My husband & I are looking forward to our first Christmas celebration here in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates! 🙂



What I want to share for everyone right now, is one of the learning that we’ve really encounter or experienced the past months. And this is …”The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.” -Psalm 23:1-2

This is one of the many bible verses that we hold onto, when times really get tough. In this life, that you and I have, I bet, it  just feels like you and I are on a  crazy roller coaster ride isn’t it? You don’t know what to expect or how will you handle your situation, whether it’s still being single for ages? or still looking for a job? or still looking for a business opportunity? or how to handle finances? or how to raise a Christ-centered children or a family?  Wherever you are in, know that, the God of the universe, makes us all lie down in green pastures. How will you know that it’s your green pasture that He has given you to nurture and take care of? We’ll dear, the fact that you are there in your situation, this is your time to, look around, breath in and breath out and ask for His wisdom on how to surpass it.  Let’s see, some practical ways of application for you … don’t deal with your problems alone. You see, no man is an island, so grab your phone, call a friend or be really transparent to your spouse. For sure, He will direct you to the right people who is willing to shed a light, rebuke or correct you in love and really guide you in your situation.  As for us, as husband and wife, we face challenges that sometimes literally make us fall on our knees & cry out to Him. It’s a great posture — a posture of humbling yourself to Him — and really surrendering it ALL to him.. LITERALLY. 🙂

My hope and prayer for you all, especially for this coming Christmas season, that we may not forget, the true value of why we are in this season. This season is about Him, and if you are asking Him about the green pasture in your life right now, we’ll just look inside of you … each one of us, has that  green pasture of reality, that’s the sparkle of hope because He is the one who will make us truly complete, happy and grateful that’s why we can continue to move on forward all by His grace.

That green pasture that I am talking about  is not the material things you have or you are praying for, the fame, the acknowledgements that you are getting from people,  it’s not how active you are in the ministry or in your the success in your career or business, it’s not also about your status, if your single or married — but it’s really the green pasture, that you can only find in HIM, that’s the peace and that security that is anchored by His word.  All these things that life can offer us is temporal so better yet, let’s all re- calibrate our hearts and focus unto Him as we enter this Christmas season. Prepare and offer all of You to Him.

Hope you are all encouraged and refresh my dear ❤

Until next time,


Mrs. Piza