Take Charge! #Discpleship2016 #Charge :)

Hello my dear readers 🙂 Last Saturday, all roads lead to SM Mall of Asia for a  Leadership Convergence that has the goal to empower and encourage all the leaders and the up coming leaders to continue to ‘Honor God. Make Disciples.’


This we’re our ID’s and the 21 days Devotional that was given away for us during the conference 🙂 So have you started to flip your own devotional? Be excited and focus your eyes on Jesus more:)

During the whole conference, a lot of things are running inside my head, I was anticipating to see a lot of friends around and indeed, we saw a a lot. It is really good to be in one place, with the people that has the same heartbeat, and that’s to be humble to hear from God and feel His presence and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria,and to the ends of the earth.” – Acts 1:8

And when I heard this verse, one thing that was impressed to me was,  it’s missions. All about His missions. As all the pastors are starting to give their encouragement, prayer, and their points to remember for us, I started to ask myself this… do I spend a quality  time knowing His mission for my life? We’ll, in this fast changing world, with all our busy schedules,  it is good to know that we have something like this to help us recharge and re-align ourselves to the Father and be really filled with the Holy Spirit.

A reminder that God gave me through this leadership convergence is this, ‘ we should not be mystical, and let’s be missional 🙂  Ring a bell?  I repeat, we should not be mystical, let’s be missional.

How can you say that you’re being too mystical? For example, you are becoming too mystical when you always say to your friends or the people around you this .. ” I have this prayer request … blah blah blah .. and I know God will grant this request ..by FAITH 🙂 ” And that’s the catch, by faith! 🙂 But when does this phrase becomes a trap and being too mystical?  It is when you just say it through words and that’s it. period.  You see, when you say …” … BY  FAITH!” … God hears it so  what will you do after you declare that?  Of course, do something about it 🙂 Don’t be so mystical that God will give you this and that without you stretching your bones and all your God given gifts and talents. 

Yes, God can and God will perform miracles in our life that can come in different shapes and sizes and in different seasons, but still, God wants to see you work your way with His guidance and leadership of course. Stop being so lazy because it will not bring you from point A to point B when you just stare there and or rely to people around you. God also wants to see His children how can they achieve their God-given desires into reality. You need to start up. And just like what Ptr. Ferdie said.. “Take Charge!” Believe that right now, wherever God puts you, it’s your unique mission to make His name known. Take Charge and yes “Take Heart” also because He has already overcome this world. You do not have something to fear.

Once again, we, as followers of Jesus, we need to always check our hearts, motives and intentions in everything that we do, say or act, be sure to always ask yourself this… does this honor God?  For whatever the answer of that, the fruit of the Holy spirit will enable you to do everything all by God’s grace.




These are some of the photos during the Conference  🙂

So my dear readers, I encourage you to move in a natural way, not in a very mystical way because God is a missional God, not a magician or a genie in a bottle 🙂

Until next time, continue to follow Jesus ❤


Love, Mrs. Piza 🙂