Our Road to ‘ Eat Bulaga’s “Pusong Pinoy Henyo”

What a surreal experience.  The whole Eat Bulaga!”  “Pusong Pinoy Henyo” experience was great and unique. We are thankful to God that He allowed this to happen. We never thought that we will be able to share our love story in so many people in this kind of platform and it’s on.. no less than ..  ‘Eat Bulaga’ , which is holding the record of being the longest-running noontime variety program on air in the history of Philippine television. They have also their first overseas franchise and that’s ‘Eat Bulaga! Indonesia” 

How did it all happen? We’ll all we can say is it’s really a God- moment, and if God wants to expose His glory to your life, He will.  So here it is, we never line up, or really intentionally audition for this, it all started with a single phone call conversation with an Eat Bulaga! staff, ( he got our contact number from a friend, who refer  our love story for Eat Bulaga!) We we’re interviewed over the phone that Friday night (February 20) , then the next day (February 21), the Eat Bulaga! staff, went to meet us in person and then after that meeting, we we’re told that we we’re chosen to be one of the contestants of “Pusong Pinoy Henyo”  ( and we we’re shocked! and still receive the God given opportunity to share our love story )  Then come, Monday, (February 23), we shoot/ tape our love story with the Eat Bulaga Team. During that time, slowly, it’s sinking that this whole thing is true. And then there, yesterday, we went on playing live on TV for Eat Bulaga’s Pusong Pinoy Henyo” game! Wew! That’s fast!  Paano malalaman kung sino magpapahula? And malalaman kung sino ang manghuhula at magpapahula is through draw lots eh nabunot ko yung name ko, so ako nagpahula sabi ng staff ng Eat Bulaga! 🙂

So lesson learned: Even if you don’t imagine yourself in that kind of situation, if it is in line with His will, He will let you experience it.  And yes, we did not won the cash prize or the total grand prize money but  the experience and the chance to share our love story to million of it’s tele-viewer was a humbling experience, we do hope that a lot was inspired to trust God more and believe in His perfect timing. 

And what the Bible says: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. –  Isaiah 55:9″ 

In the process of preparing for the game “Pusong Pinoy Henyo” when my fiancé Melvin, and I was practicing for the game, it’s fun, the whole staff of Eat Bulaga! was very helpful in our preparation  for the game. We thank you for all your efforts and knowledge and encouragement that you have said to us; we appreciate it. 

We may not won the grand prize, (that could have been a big help for our upcoming wedding on May 15,2015)  but the experience is worth it! Sharing our love story on a national / international TV is an experience that will forever be thankful. We are humbled all the more by this experience that God opens for us. You may think, “sayang!”  but we chose to be grateful and thankful to God. We never thought or imagine in our wildest dreams to be on TV and on a game show in times like this that we need money for our wedding, but still thank you Lord for this God given opportunity. We look unto You as our ultimate Source of everything, not to men. We still believe and hold on to God that whatever He has started, He will finish. 

Thank you all for praying for us, supporting us through your encouragement etc. With all these experience, and open doors, we want to say that we are victorious because we obeyed even if we do not know the result of the game. Still, we trust Him 🙂  Thank you Lord! kami ang Na “Eat …  Bulaga!”  sa bilis ng mga pangyayari! 🙂

And we’re happy that we we’re able to make you all smile while watching yesterday’s episode.  Marami ng problema ang Pilipinas, so ang makapag bigay ng tuwa at saya sa maraming tao mula Aparri hanggang Jolo eh sadyang nakaka tuwa din!

Here are some photos that we got yesterday in our Eat Bulaga! experience:

before out

Before we enter the set of Eat Bulaga! & introduced by the two legendary actors in the Philippines, Mr. Vic Sotto & Mr. Joey De Leon” Credits: Thank you to the whole staff of Eat Bulaga from the production crews, staffs, and to the make up artists and everyone from the Eat Bulaga … Thank you form the bottom of our hearts 🙂 You are all the best!


And then we entered the Eat Bulaga! limelight. What an experienced!

love story

And yes, we shoot our love story with the ‘Eat Bulaga’ amazing team last Monday. It was our first time to watch that video also. Thank you Lord for this God opportunity to share our love story You created.

banner 1

The game proper: ” Pusong Pinoy Henyo” a special theme for this month of February, they are featuring couples with a unique love story, we are so blessed to have been given the chance to share our love story to many. Thanks Eat Bulaga! for this banner.

guessing 1

And then 2 minutes of guessing game starts: “Quiapo” is the word. We played 1st among he 3 couple contestants.

set in bulaga 2

After playing the game: A little remembrance for this day. Good job my Love! So proud of you!

with mitch

With our dear friend, Mitch, thank you for supporting us and really being with us kahit biglaan 🙂 You are an answered prayer for us. We appreciate you.

set in eat bulaga

And we did it my Love. We conquer Eat Bulaga!

watching 1st

First time to watch ourselves on TV

with mitch eating

Let’s end the day with a thankful and grateful heart. All glory to God! 🙂

Riding on  the Eat Bulaga! official van when we we're on our way to our location for the shooting/taping last Monday,  for our love story  to be shown before we play the game :)  Thanks to all the staff and crew, director who made our love story teaser :)

Riding on the Eat Bulaga! official van when we we’re on our way to our location for the shooting/taping last Monday, for our love story to be shown before we play the game 🙂 Thanks to all the staff and crew, director who made our love story teaser 🙂

And for those who have not watched the Pinoy Henyo” in Eat Bulaga! yesterday, sharing that episode to you all! Enjoy! 🙂

Thank you Lord! all glory to Him! 🙂


30 Years & Counting

Recently, I celebrated two milestones in my life, and that’s one, I celebrated my 30th Birthday and second, I celebrated my last year as a single lady. Oh how time is fleeting and really God works in His timing. What did I learn or continually learning for the past years? A lot. I’ve  realized how human I am, how I can be hurt, or hurt others in one way or another, how I stumble and still stand up and go on; I experienced pain, trials, joys,  happiness, love, surprises, miracles, discouragements but still choose to live and really do my best to see everything and everyone in God’s lens. I thank God for this new year that God has given me to explore, to enjoy the ride of His plans for me. I am just really in awe for all that God has shown, make me realize and continually experience. If you ask me? I still have many dreams, prayers and really desire to do in this whole lifetime and if the Lord will allow me to experience all those God-given desires, prayers, dreams and plans, I am more than willing to wait and trust His perfect plans for me.  I just wanna  thank you everyone for  being part of my life in one way or another. I’ve been blogging for along time and can say, I am blessed by all of you who are reading or just passing through this website of mine. Again, I pray that whatever you read here will bring encouragement, lesson and of course bring you closer to God.

Top 3 take home that I learned for the past years

1. Growth: growing is a choice and maturity does not equate to your age.

Maldives (Life Bucket list and Prayer)

Like this beautiful place, the Lord has a beautiful plans for each and everyone. Trust, Believe. Claim. For God is not Bankrupt. He will provide everything , even before You ask if it’s under His will.

2. Love –  love is a decision and in this lifetime you will see different sizes and shape of love but the ultimate source of love and reason why you love is God. No amount of money, recognition,  popularity, number of likes, shares in social media, travel escapades, if God answered your prayers or not, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or don’t have a child yet, or anything that you can think of that can fill that your void in your heart, it’s only GOD that we must always seek approval, and yes, our hearts is created by Him so always and everyday ask forgiveness, surrender your heart to His will, and be humble in His sight. True love is found in Christ alone.

3. Life – it goes on even before you leave this earth. What matters most is , what you have done,  while you are still here in this temporary home. Have an attitude to always ask God, am I doing what You desire for me to do? Always remember that this life is a gift and this is fleeting. Tomorrow may not come so better give your best shot in everyday. Trusting and believing and claiming and doing what God has entrusted you to do here is never a waste of time —  your great destiny is to fulfill God’s purpose in your life. And at the end of this all ,  your reward is when the Lord will say to you .. ” well done, My good and faithful servant” It does not matter if men will remember you 10 or 15 years after you left this earth, what matters is the mark of Christ that you have shown in your life and the name of God to continually be famous up to the next generation.

Let’s desire and seek to be blameless, pure,  and righteous not for the approval or applause of men but for the delight of our God.

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. – Psalm 90:12

Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂 Until next time 😀