Hooraaay for 2015! Wedding Bells is Just Around the Corner!


Hello everyone! Happy new year again! This is my 2nd blog for this year! Time flies so fast and we’re almost on the middle date of the month of January! Wew 🙂 Praise God for it! Have you lose some weight for the past days? Or you are still working on it and trying to get back in shape because of the super Christmas holiday season that we all had last December? But for whatever status of your weight is, it’s okay 🙂 I am sure, everyone of us wants and desires to have healthier and stronger 2015 🙂 Right? So Let’s get it on! 🙂

You are the God who performs miracles. You have made your strength known among the nations. – Psalm 77:14 

This is one of the many  verses that I hold onto for this year 2015.  I know God has a lot of great things in store for His people. Miracles. Signs and Wonders that comes from God. You may ask me, do miracles really happen in this time & age? and my answer will be a big shout out of YES! God is the same  yesterday, today and tomorrow and with that TRUTH, we can completely rely on His Word.  I may not know what exactly will happen everyday for the year 2015 but I will completely rely to His goodness and perfect plans for my life.

For this year,  one of the things that I am looking forward is our wedding day! And yes, we are still on the process of preparing for it. With only a few months left, and still there’s a lot of things to do and save and pray for. This is truly a different level of faith exercise for the both of us. Pulling off a wedding nowadays is really expensive and if you ask me, where will we get all the resources for it? Of course, we will ask God for it. As what the Bible says … ” If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” -Matthew 21:22

I’ve been giving updates through my blogs about our wedding preps and as we  continually do our best to work and save for it and we are leaving a big space for God to perform His wonders and miracles on our behalf. Without God, we cannot do anything and we always humbly recognize that.  We do not have that big chunk of money to pull off a wedding,  but what makes us at peace while we prepare for this wedding is that, we know God is the author of this love story and He will be the One who will be glorified, not us.  And God is forever faithful.  Sometimes, fear is knocking but we remove fear and fight it with FAITH! So Lourdy, hold on tight to God! ( and I am talking and reminding myself 🙂 Hahaha 🙂

Marriage is more than just a wedding day. Marriage is a gift from God. And we are believing and claiming for a beautiful wedding day all for God’s glory. Not for us to be famous or for us to have a bragging rights. It’s not our desire. It has  never been and will never be our desire.  Our purpose and desire always  is to be a channel of God’s marvelous love, faithfulness and  goodness.  That we may show God’s overflowing provision in all aspects. 2015 is a great & God year! We are getting married to HONOR GOD & GLORIFY HIM MORE.  Marriage is God’s beautiful idea and we are joyfully looking forward to it 🙂

There are many reasons to look forward this 2015:  to conquer new nations, to travel to different places, to learn new things, to eat good food, to  create sweet & happy days with my soon-to-be husband, to dream big,  to STRENGTHEN our faith and to love like Christ each day! 🙂 How awesome is that?! 🙂 And for whatever happens,  I will always choose to  be thankful  because      ”  For no word from God will ever fail.” -Luke 1:37

and yes …  ” For nothing is impossible with God.” — 

                                                                                                  Luke 1:37

Until my next blog entry! 🙂 God bless everyone! 🙂



Happy 2015! :)

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Happy 2015! 

He is Faithful

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23 ESV) 

We all just welcomed 2015 and I bet all of us are excited and expectant for the things that God has in store for us this 2015! Yey! New things, new beginnings, fresh encounter with God everyday.  Let’s all be grateful that God has gone before us. The fact that you are still here on earth up to now and you are reading this blog is a big THANK YOU’ to God and again He has shown His faithfulness in our lives.  Let’s have an attitude of thankfulness everyday no matter what circumstances we are in now. 

A lot of us has  his own goals or faith goals for 2015. I have my own faith goals too. And yes God gave all of us a fresh 365 page to fill with His awesome plans and promises. Let’s all desire to empty ourselves and desire more of Him as we face 2015 with high hopes and joy coming from God.  Faith goals are there to remind us that we are incomplete without God and we need to daily re align our dreams, desires, wants and hearts to His perfect will. No matter what will happen this 2015, let’s declare God’s goodness, sovereignty, love, power, blessings, miracles, provision , will and faithfulness be with us in all the days. 

Until next time! 🙂  

Ciao! 🙂