A Lifetime of Joyfully Giving

A Lifetime of Joyfully Giving

Happy December! I know you have your own Christmas rush stories and experiences for the past days and yes sometimes it requires that we all have to be patient especially when we are stuck in a traffic jam in the streets of Metro Manila 🙂  In spite and despite of our busy and hectic schedules of beating the deadlines in our offices, attending bunch of Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays and so much more… I just pray that in between and  those times or still every second, we are always reminded that the reason for this season is JESUS CHRIST 🙂

We just had our 12 Days of Christmas from Melvin & Lourdy! share the JOY, LOVE & HAPPINESS” 🙂12 dAY

 for the last 12 days. We started on the first day of December and we ended last December 12 🙂 And wew! praise God for this chance to give this Christmas! 🙂 

As what the Bible says:

 Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you.

As you can remember, we had joyfully gave important things that we, as a couple, if you think of it, is really hard to give because first, it has a very sentimental value with it and next it’s really personal 🙂

But as we give those things to you, or to the people who was randomly chosen through raffle draw, we felt the peace and the joy to give it away and really give with a generous heart. It’s really God who will give us all the peace and joy as we do the things all for Him.

We have joyfully given away those gifts that are important and valuable for us because we believe that whoever is the recipient of those Christmas gift from us is also important & valuable in our lives in one way or another and just the way God looks at us, we are all special that’s why it’s really a joy to do this simple and heartwarming ACT OF LOVE’  for you all!

All those things that we had joyfully  given for the past 12 days  is nothing compare to the faithfulness of God in our lives for a lifetime so we really know that it’s not men who is really smiling at us, but it’s all for God and because of God. You may asked me, where did I got this idea of giving?

We’ll … I put it this way, it’s a GOD- IDEA because He is the One who revealed it to me in one of my quiet time with Him to give, give, give 🙂

Giving is not just for Christmas season, it’s a way of living. And if God tells you to give and be generous even when your wallet and bank account says you cannot, still… obey and give back to Him because it’s our attitude as we give that God really is honored and pleased. Everything that you are holding onto, like relationship, people, things, stature, fame, desires, wants and needs or even dreams … it’s all still from God so as a daughter and a son of God, when He says to you, give…. then choose to give even if you don’t exactly know what’s He is up to 🙂 Be in attitude of joyfully giving and generously doing things all for God not only for this season but for the rest of your life.

We are not after for the applaud of a millions of people but we are here on earth to seek and be grateful, thankful and excited for the things that God will let us do no matter what. Obedience to God is more important than anything and anyone else.

Until next year for our 12 Days of Christmas from Melvin & Lourdy 🙂 #MelvinAndLourdyChristmasCheer2014

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂