Wedding Post: All About Prenup.

It was a holiday in  our whole country. It was The Philippine’s Independence Day. Some may say that it’s just an ordinary day but for me, it’s an extra special day because it’s our PRENUP pictorial shoot 🙂  Where?  It’s in the beautiful homeland of my beloved fiance Melvin, Ilocos Norte, Philippines! Oh yes! INDEED! The whole experience was really breath taking!

It was a whole day of journey to the places where we didn’t really know it exist…  🙂  God showed us His truly majestic creation in ways that we never thought we can do in order for us to see His splendor surprise for us — Melvin & I, and the amazing friends that we have, #TheIlocosProject Team! you guys rock! 🙂 – Julie, C-Joy, Robie, Ener & Cez! We truly appreciate all your talents, skills, gifting, time, effort to go the extra mile for our prenup 🙂 Thanks so much! The output of all our works as a team  is really much awaited 🙂

One of the realization and revelation that I got from all of those fun, challenging, extra mile effort, joyful time and really MOMENTS that had happened during our prenup shoot, that God  has a lot of amazing and breathtaking surprise for us all … We may not see His work ALL AT ONCE everyday but always remember, that GOD is ALWAYS at WORK for His great purpose to be accomplished in our life.  Time flies so fast, it’s been 1 month and 1 day since I finally got engaged to the man that I truly loved and cherished… It’s just a beginning of a new chapter in life that we both love to journey of course with God at the center of our relationship.  Prenup is DONE.. Praise God! and thank God! 🙂 And definitely,  a lot of amazing things will follow. With God, taking the lead … nothing will go wrong 🙂 ONLY, the best 🙂

I am continually  claiming, declaring and praying for God’s will to be done. Even now, I thank God for what You have in store for it is good, pleasing and perfect.

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”

Job 5:9 NIV

Claiming this verse for always. I know that He is faithful. He will never fail and break His promises.

We have long way to go in our wedding preparation, a lot of things to decide and pray about but I am sure God has already prepared everything way before we we’re conceived! It’s His love story, not ours. He will be the one to make it into completion. We will continue to  trust His amazing plans to slowly and perfectly fall into it’s proper places