A man who laid down His life and that is Jesus. 

I want to start this blog by this TRUTH. A man who laid down His life for you and me and that is Jesus. It’s the time of the year wherein everything seems to slowdown again; the traffic jam in the Metro is really slowing down literally, ( it requires longer patience my dear .. wait for the green light then ‘go’ ) We all  have our own unique ways in spending this loooooong vacation that we all have .. some will go to the beach, have a family reunion ( that’s perfectly fine and that’s a good investment .. love investment’ for your beloved family so go and be merry! 🙂 ; some will go with their friends on an outing, some will just stay at home … ‘ staycation’ as they call it 😀 Whichever do you plan to do, .. enjoy and create good and lasting memories 🙂

As for me, I choose to press on this blog and write whatever things that I am learning the past days as I do my own personal reflection. I do hope that as you read this, you  can get something from it for your good 🙂 And yes, you read it right, I choose to reflect and pray as in pray a lot 🙂 All I can hear as I press on this blog is the chirping of the birds on our village! It’s a very unusual sound in the city nowadays but now, they are here .. lively chirping 🙂 And oh my dogs that suddenly barks when they see people on the streets ( you see, they are so good at guarding my house  LOL  )  Thinking or should I say having this “Ultimate Date Time with God” is really an awesome experience. Sure thing, I have a lot of prayers and not only prayers, I say ‘crazy prayers’  in my thoughts and in my words that only God knows .. even to the simplest and little details of my prayers, He knows. This is a faith stretching, faith leveling up to the moon ( LOL)  season … as high as the heaven;  I am believing for much more greater things that will come and that can come; surrendering to God’s perfect will and perfect plan and timing is the way I will always choose; thank you Lord for Your grace truly abounds in my life. Thank you Lord for forgiving me, for always choosing to love me even when I have my share of shortcomings; I am secure in Your love and in Your faithfulness.

Thank you for laying down Your life at the cross, Jesus.

Always remember, God is alive and will forever be at our side 🙂 He loves you and me so stop and thank Him in all seasons. God knows and hears you 🙂 … the question is do you hear Him? 🙂



A Morning Blog

Hello April 2014! Oh you are here … 

A month full of weddings to attend to. In fact, we just started 2 days ago wherein I attended a wedding via youtube on a live streaming straight from Barcelona, Spain. Congratulations Joel & Kath! I am so happy for you both. And that does not stop there, there are more weddings to attend to this month! 

Seasons. I always hear this word. Come to think of it, there are four seasons  — Winter , Spring, Summer or Fall — it reminds me of a song that goes … ” winter, spring, summer or fall, all you’ve got to do is call, and I’ll be there, yes, I will .. you’ve got a friend’ — What a classic song indeed! It reminds me of how God loves us not just in a friend zone’ state but He loves us eternally. Yes, eternally. BIG WORD is in it? Of course because ONLY GOD can love and complete us no matter what seasons we are in. 

Surrendering. I do believe that surrendering to God is a courageous act. It is showing your complete trust to God above. It is not a sign of defeat. It is a sign of Peace. Of Love and of Trust.

Crying out. I just cry out to God for the nth time. Lord, You know where I am and where would I be. Thank you for always being there for me and assuring me that You love me unconditionally. Thank you Lord for You understand me even if I am Your princess who is sometimes too emotional but still You chose to love me and stay faithful. Hold my hands and never let me go God because I am continually trusting and believing in You God for You are my Lover, my God.