Hi! my name is August & you are Labuyo?!

AUGUST has been one of favorite months … aside from February because it is my birth month – and Yes! I am a person who is looking forward of getting old 🙂  hahaha! We’ll age is but a number .. the important thing  is, every year, I make it a point that I value each new year … that will be added in my life 😀   and of course December which is tis the season to be jolly … Christmas! 😀   Now you probably ask  me, what’s with AUGUST  .. why is it one of my favorites months … we’ll just like what I believe .. AUGUST can mean like this

A – sk 

U – ntil

G– od

U – nviel

S – omething

T – angible

Is in it so encouraging? It only drives me to stay stronger in my faith no matter what happens.  PRAY — it must be part of our system  … it’s part of our lifestyle.

It’s been a long while since I have not blog a post, I miss online blogging 🙂   And yes, currently the Philippines is experiencing “Labuyo” — the name of the storm —  & during these times, a lot of thoughts will just pour out on my mind that I just can’t help but to wonder  .. like .. why is it the Philippines is always experiencing a storm? We’ll yeah, knowing and for a fact that we are a tropical country .. it’s a fact also that we are a storm immune country lol! Only in the Philippines that you will see a smiling man while he is walking on a super flooded area … in times like this, Filipinos can still smile and say ‘thank you Lord!”  Also, it’s a ‘bed-weather’ nowadays because of the storm Labuyo’  .. in times like this, it just feels like your bed is inviting you to sleep all day and just listen to the pouring rain!  … Next thing you know, you are praying for the man/woman that God desires for you to have .. Hahaha! ( now, put your hands up if you ‘can relate! 😛 😀  ) But we’ll, all these feelings is just brought to you by ‘Labuyo’ lols but seriously, rain or a storm just part of life .. and on a positive side, look at the rain as a blessing .. blessings from God ..  that each raindrops are the hope & the love that Jesus is willing to give you everyday … 

.. Personally, every time it rains so hard, I can’t help but to think  of all the people who has no shelter ..  I just can’t help but to be thankful to God for every thing He has given me & it just makes me feel more humbled! Praying for everyone’s safety in these times!

Choose to praise Jesus even in times of storm 🙂