His will be done

Ever since I learned about the “Saved Festival” — I really prayed and I wanted to attend that concert! because there will be a lot of christian bands that will be performing and especially, The Katinas’ will be there! wooot 😀 one of my favorite christian bands!

Today is the schedule of this concert …


Around 3PM today .. an unknown number tried to call me on my cellphone … I was not able to answer it because I was in the middle of a meeting .. so I decided to send a text message and ask who is the sender … to my surprise .. it is tita Grace (a church mate) then she called me up again and ask me if i am free tonight to watch the SAVED concert because she has a ticket for it  … she wants to bless that ticket to me… tita Grace even said, I have good  tickets (good seats) .. when I heard it .. I was in awe! …  then I remembered my prayer that I really want to go there and attend!

Once again, truly God answers prayers at the very perfect and surprising way! Even though I did not accept the ticket because I have things to do for tonight … (busy) .. it is very touching that God really hear our simplest or even the grandest desires of our hearts ..

He has His own ways ..

He has His best ways …

He has already provide for it even before we ask…

He  truly loves surprises …

That’s how great our God is! I am just really in awe and humbled by this, thank you Lord!


To My Dearest Future Husband

I wrote this last year in my Facebook notes .. decided to copy it also here 🙂

Yes it’s been a year since I wrote this letter and still I am waiting .. patiently waiting for His choice .. for whoever that man God desires for me …

I will continually wait wait and trust Him all the more 🙂


April 19,2011



Dear Future Husband, 

Can I call you nicknames, like maybe ‘Hubby’? I’d like to be able to do that with you. And so many other things after I say ‘I do’

I may be the weirdest person you will have ever met, I just hope and pray that you don’t give up on me yet. Will you love me no matter what, through thick or thin? Will you love me for what I have within? I know, when you find me, I will love you unconditionally. There’s nothing I won’t love; you’ll be perfect to me.

 I wonder if you’ve ever beheld the beauty that is God’s gift of marriage, and wondered when it was that you’d finally get to be a groom instead of a bestman. I wonder if you’ve ever gazed at a full moon, or marveled at a meteor shower, and felt like something was missing because you didn’t have a special someone to share that moment of awe with. I wonder if you’ve ever thought you’d met the one, and then subsequently had your heart broken. I wonder if you’ve ever raised your fist at the heavens at reading Genesis 2:18, ” The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”  — that God could design man in such a way that in spite of the perfect fellowship Adam had with God, Adam was in a sense, still alone.

If so, I wish this letter could somehow find its way into your hands now, and that you might be encouraged. Because I, your future wife, do in fact exist.


I just hope that you can find me soon. 

And then Love, we can walk under the moon. 

But tell me, are you having trouble waiting for me also?

Hoping you’ll just wake up and find me tomorrow?

 Well, I promise you’ll find me in a tomorrow someday.

Beloved, know that for all our wanting and longing, all our brokenness and fears, God is working through all things to shape us to become the man & the woman He wants us to be – one who is like His Son, Jesus Christ. He is preparing us for a lifelong commitment not just to each other, but to bring Him glory through His gift of marriage.

This time of singleness that we are both going through now is not simply a time of waiting but a time of growing, learning, maturing, and trusting.

I pray that this time would truly strengthen our faith in Him as we realize just how dependent we are and just how dependable He is.  And know that we are not alone in this time – even as you are waiting & finding for me,

as I am also waiting for you.

We will meet in a place, in a time, somehow, someway.  

In His perfect & surprising way.

God moves in mysterious ways. 

But until that time, I’ll be hoping and waiting to see you then.

 Wondering if perhaps I’ve met you and can see you again. 

 So farewell, wait for me, and think of me some…

Because we will be together on a day soon to come…

And remember, I will always love you…

And I’m waiting for you too…


Your loving Wife

I will continually trust in Your perfect timing

‘Walang Malayo Sa Gustong Mag Surprise!’

‘Walang malayo sa gustong mag Surprise’ — that was my mantra when I was thinking how on earth will I surprise Pia on her Birthday! Actually, it is a one week advance Birthday Hooray! Hahaha!  Pia’s Birthday is on Oct 14 but I thought it would be great to surprise her yesterday since we we’re both serving in Kids Church!

The Surprise Elements 😛 :)) 😀 

1. Pia’s Best friend since high school Birthday video greeting! Thanks Tephteph for doing this! Hahaha! Ikaw na talaga ang pang bungad before i-play ang AVP video for Pia! sympre .. best friend eh! dapat andun ka! Kahit malayo ka, gagawan ko ng paraan yan! thank you sa internet! 😀 the power of internet makes us closer kahit na milya milya ang layo natin sa isat isa o kaya bundok man o dagat ang pagitan, makakakuha parin ng messages for Pia .. sympre video yaan kasi sya best friend mo eh and pang bungad sya! 🙂 wala ngang malayo sa gustong mag surprise eh .. lahat gagawin para mabuo ang surprise! 🙂 ganyan ka namen ka mahal Pia!  Truly she was surprise! hahaha! 😀

Pia’s reaction while watching the video from her best friend 🙂

2. AVP Video for Pia that was shown in KC after the service and during the assessment! 🙂 so sa lahat ng nabitin at na excite sa AVP napinalabas kahapon, here it is :))  The caption written in the video is Pia’s favorite song 🙂 tama diba Pia? 🙂

Reaction ni Pia right after watching the AVP , receiving her caricature/drawing (parang awards night lang LOL :)) , receiving her letters, and the kerokeroppi cake .. and sympre may speech 🙂

3. Roses & Stargazers giving na nag simula sa kung saan saan  sa EN hanggang umabot sa dulo dulo ng Highstreet :)) *Oooh .. isn’t so sweet Pia * 🙂 Sa lahat na nag participate sa roses & stargazers giving, thank you! talagang ginulat natin si Pia :)) Good job! Sympre, papa abutin natin yan hanggang sa High street para sakop talaga ang buong kalupaan sa surprise! :))

One of my favorite moment is my biglang sumulpot habang nasa gitna ng daan patawid ng pabalik ng EN biglang from the back .. may tao  roses ang dala!!! (may ulan ulan pa yun ha! 😛 ) hahaha! san ka pa? parang movie lang!  Awww ..  Hahaha! ang salarin ay si Prince! that’s the start Pia of your wonderful surprising journey yesterday! :))

Basta sa lahat ng bigla nalang sumulpot galing sa kung saan saan eh, good job everyone! 😀

♪♫Undeserving, oh but i receive.I’m amazed, so amazed.When i see it, I am speechless. You take my breath away ♥ ♪♫ — LSS ni Pia after her surprise! 🙂

4. Madel –> one of Pia’s close friends since elementary! 🙂  ayan ang patunay na walang malayo sa gustong mag surprise! Hahaha! Pia, nag eroplano pa yan para lang makasama lang sya sa surprise!  🙂

priceless 🙂

nag eroplano pa yaan! walang malayo sa gustong mag surprise! :)) Thanks madel 😀 :))

friends for life :’)

4. sa caricature/ drawing

5. sa cake

6. sa mga nagsulat ng letters for Pia .. you know who you are and sa mga nag padala ng messages nila from all over the world! thaank you so muuch! 🙂

Sobrang full-production talaga ito! Thank you Lord for yesterday!  Thank you Lord for the people that help this birthday surprise truly a success! 🙂  sobrang dami ninyo.. you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Good job everyone!

Mission accomplised tayo 🙂

Thank you Lord! You’re the best! 🙂

For you my dear Pia,

“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you.”
1 Thessalonians 3:12 🙂 I love you dear :’)

with lots of love & prayers,

ate Lourdy 🙂