Doctor doctor … knock knock  .. I am  here again ..

FIVE!  I think it’s too much … but I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me  .. that’s the fighting spirit Lourdy!  🙂 You are the one who keeps me going Lord and I am thankful for all these years that You blessed me .. thank you for all the days of my life .. like what I always say to You Lord .. ” I live & breath only for You .. ”

I was just reminiscing awhile ago  .. when I stepped into the hospital again (for the nth time hahaha) that this place has been a very important place in my life all these years .. ‘coz you see,  ever since I was a baby, hmmm.. check ups etc 🙂  then when I grew up.. I have my doctors  from  Makati Medical Center or MMC 🙂 One memorable experience for me when I was admited in MMC, I requested my nurse that night to sing for me because I always hear the nurse sing .. i love to hear that singing voice! the nurse grant my request 🙂 that really made me so happy :)) habang naka swero at lahat lahat pa ako nun 🙂   God has been so awesome and powerful in my life so so hold on tight there Lourdy .. this is just another bumpy ride .. I am sure God is there .. I choose to smile and look forward for another new day that He promise me. I choose to trust, seek Him all  the more 🙂

Stay strong Lourdy! Fight!!! :))

FIVE .. let’s get it on Lord 🙂